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Investment Desks


U.S. Equities

The U.S. equities desk covers publicly traded companies headquartered in the U.S. These companies are generally traded on American exchanges, but are still strongly impacted with the broader global economy. 

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Emerging Markets

Focuses on funding investment opportunities across global markets that are on the rise. This desk teaches members how to seek opportunities in areas with cheap valuations and greater growth prospects, while exposing members to geopolitical trends and currency stability.


Real Estate

Takes a deep look into private real estate properties and publicly traded REITs across all traditional and niche asset classes. This desk is a great way to learn about an alternative investment and explore the many different career opportunities within real estate.

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Global Equities

Targets companies based outside of the U.S. in developed regions representing over half of the largest global public global companies. This desk explores the unique political, sovereign, economic, and foreign exchange risks that may not be as relevant for other companies.


High Yield Debt

Covers high-yield bonds and credit securities that are trading below par. Members gain experience analyzing distressed companies with low liquidity synthesizing different recovery scenarios within the capital structure. 

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Covers companies within the technology industry. Analysts gain insights on how to value high growth companies with unique business models and industry specific metrics.


Special Situations

Focuses on investment opportunities not covered by other desks, including Forex, Derivatives, Commodities, and Private Equity. This desk will provide insight into alternative and unique investment strategies and mechanics.

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