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Membership Experience

Club Meetings | Investing Competitions | Social Events


Club Meetings

GIC has club meetings every Wednesday evening in the Tozzi Financial Trading Center. During these meetings, members come together to pitch an investment with their group, as well as engage in a discussion or debate about market events. Additionally, senior members also hold a discussion around some niche topics in finance. Through this, members  gain a engaging platform to voice their thoughts as well as interact with other different perspectives to ultimately develop a holistic view of the topic.

Investing Competitions

GIC hosts an Uptick/RIT Simulation competition every semester for all students across the University of Michigan. Students form teams to compete against each other in sessions that reflect real-life trading and merger arbitrage situations through multiple qualifying rounds and a final round. Recently, we have also begun hosting a new Activist Investing Pitch Competition, in which teams simulate activist campaigns that are judged by our investment professional sponsors.


Social Events

Outside of club meetings, GIC has an engaging culture that encourages members to develop relationships that will last during and after their time at Michigan. GIC organizes numerous social events both for the entire club as well as within investment teams throughout each semester to create a tightly-knit community.

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