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Who We Are

Global Investments Committee (GIC) is a close-knit student-run multi-asset investment fund focusing on the global economy and financial markets. Using the diversity of its membership base as well as the resources in the Stephen M. Ross School of Business, GIC provides an unparalleled hands-on education in finance and a large alumni network for its members to achieve success in the competitive finance industry.


With the club's roots going back as far as 2005, today's GIC is the byproduct of the merger of four premier finance organizations on campus - Michigan Commodities Group, Real Portfolio Management, Hail Capital Management, and the former Global Investments Committee. The newly formed GIC is equipped with unique talent and resources to convert its passion for finance, investing, and economics into a global, multi-asset student fund.


But GIC is more than just a successful investment fund - GIC, by virtue of its culture and diverse membership, is a family. 

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Our Pillars

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