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Investment Fund

GIC has an investment fund of $25,000. Every semester, members employ a multi-faceted investment strategy involving quantitative and qualitative analysis to produce investment pitches to construct a diversified portfolio across the investment groups. This often involves a presentation for the pitch and a financial model made up of discounted cash flow analysis or leveraged buyout analysis to back up your thesis. Different groups may use different methods of research or use different models that best suit their needs. The unique layout of these investment groups mirror the format of financial institutions, promoting exposure over several asset classes for the members.

Groups are structured with a Desk Head who oversees prospective investments and facilitates team education. Following each pitch, active members vote on whether or not the investment should be included in our portfolio. All profits are reinvested into the fund or returned to members in the form of events and investing capital.


Global Macro

The majority of GIC's investments are based on taking a global macroeconomic outlook and understanding how different world events are effecting different markets and potential investments in each of these markets. This leads us to analyze systematic risks to increase return potential

Event Driven

Through weekly news discussions and an emphasis on using current global events to create our theses, we rely on analyzing events to capitalize on potential investments and drive returns

Multi-strategy Long/Short

Members of GIC develop pitches across a variety of asset classes and industries and they are encouraged to explore into a variety of different long and short plays


US Equities

Covers publicly traded companies headquartered in the U.S. These companies are generally traded on American exchanges, but are still strongly impacted with the broader global economy. 

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Global Equities

Targets companies based outside of the U.S. representing over half of the largest global public global companies. This desk explores the unique political, sovereign, economic, and foreign exchange risks that may not be as relevant for other companies.


Emerging Markets

Focuses on funding investment opportunities across global markets that are on the rise. This desk teaches members how to seek opportunities in areas with cheap valuations and greater growth prospects, while exposing members to geopolitical trends and currency stability.


High Yield Debt

Covers high-yield bonds and credit securities that are trading below par. Members gain experience analyzing distressed companies with low liquidity synthesizing different recovery scenarios within the capital structure. 

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Real Estate

Takes a deep look into private real estate properties and publicly traded REITs across all traditional and niche asset classes. This desk is a great way to learn about an alternative investment and explore the many different career opportunities within real estate.



Covers companies within the technology industry. Analysts gain insights on how to value high growth companies with unique business models and industry specific metrics.



Focuses on derivative financial securities. Members learn about different contract securities and how they are priced given its underlying asset. 

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